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Every day The Function Key highlights items carefully culled from the worlds of design, art, and fashion. The treasures we select accurately capture what we value in culture — past, present, and future.

Kimberly Phillips

Kim has been in love with design since age 10. When she’d pilfer her parents’ Architectural Digest, tearing out the photos and repurposing them as interiors for self-designed floor plans. She works as the managing editor at a design company in the New York area. You can contact herĀ at: thefunctionkey@gmail.com.

8 Replies to “about us.”

  1. Poor penguin without hair. How will he keep warm? I don’t think I will be buying those skinny jeans anytime soon. Love the colored pencil fence.

  2. do you know how to set up the japanese marshmallow game? are there certain distances for the hanging marshmallows and certain lengths of the rubber tubing/band that goes under your nose?

  3. …keep on looking, and looking , and looking — for new, new, new …and, thoughtful, unusual, interesting!

    thanks until & for now.
    with love,

  4. To whom it my concern,
    We are interested in sending you an exclusive press/blog package about our upcoming art show. It would include exclusive images and everything you might need for a blog post or calendar event post. Please let us know what might be the best email to contact you.
    Thank you so much for your time and web presence.
    Kind Regards,
    Gallery Hijinks

  5. Hey Kim!

    If you still run The Function Key, I want to suggest you review Deck Towel, maker of fine linen towels and blankets in New York City, for review. We’ve been reviewed by GQ, the New York Times, Marie Claire, and more. Would love your feedback too!



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