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i want the world to stop: belle and sebastian.

October 19th, 2010 · No Comments

On Friday evening, our friend Andrew took us to see Belle and Sebastian at The Wang Theatre in Boston. It was his wedding present to us, and it was magical from the moment we stepped foot inside the gilded vestibule. Belle and Sebastian sounded every bit as crisp and clear as they do on their recordings. Within minutes of the band taking the stage, the entire crowd was on its feet and didn’t sit until the final bow.

Highlights of the evening included Stuart Murdoch, Stuart Murdoch, and Stuart Murdoch. OK, OK, Mick was freaking adorable, too. Anyway, highlights — Stuart applied eye makeup to a female audience member’s eyes; the band threw footballs out to the wee members of the audience (a nod to their aging hipster fanbase); and finally, my favorite, Stuart ran straight up the aisle in our direction! I ran out to greet him and┬ádamn it, if he didn’t look the other way.

The video above is from their new album Write About Love (it’s really great!). Enjoy!

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