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half pint salvage.

October 1st, 2010 · No Comments

My parents’ basement is probably the most accurate indicator of my adoration for repurposed junk; filled to the brim with dumpster treasures that I insist I have great use for. Unfortunately, while I swear I mean well, once these pieces hit the basement floor, they often remain there for years to come as I continue to convince myself that they have not been forgotten.  Luckily, there are people like Karl Topee, owner and creator of Half Pint Salvage to proactively put my failed attempts at creative refurbishment to shame.

Back in 2004, Topee built a television stand out of salvaged materials in an effort to add some recycled appeal to the admittedly bland decor of his Seattle home. One wooden 80s tv cabinet, a couple shelves, some paint, and a vintage window later Karl had himself the impetus he needed to leave his humdrum nine to five and launch this part-time avocation into full-time self-employment.  Today Topee’s eco-friendly business is run with sustainability in mind.  The majority of his designs are uniquely his own and are built using salvaged materials such as vintage doors and windows, antique plinth blocks, and decorative wood molding to create pieces that are as charming as they are functional.

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