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October 7th, 2010 · No Comments

I hate moving more than anything, but I must admit, the chance to decorate a new space quickly makes every bit of the heavy lifting well worth it.  Unfortunately, once I am settled in, I soon feel restless and am eager to switch up my decor all over again.  Thanks to TurningArt, I may have found a way to pacify my art-related A.D.D..

TurningArt is a company that allows subscribers to regularly browse the work of hundreds of hand selected artists from across the country and build a queue of work that they are interested in having for their home/office/wherever they see fit.  When their queue is ready, a framed, high-quality print of their first piece is shipped out.  Then, based on the chosen subscription plan, the next print is automatically sent, so they are never left with an empty frame or given the chance to fall victim to home decor boredom.

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