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make it through monday: no. 1.

September 27th, 2010 · No Comments

Monday’s are the toughest day of the week. The weekend’s behind you,¬†and five grueling days of work lie ahead. So, each Monday, we’re showcasing something that we’ve made, with the hope that it inspires you . . .

I used to sneak and watch My So Called Life on MTV. I didn’t quite understand that Ricky was gay or that Jordan Catellano was supposed to be hot, but the day I heard Claire Danes say “There is something about Sunday nights that makes you want to kill yourself,” I knew this show was worthy of my 9 year old time. Even as a 4th grader I knew that Sunday nights meant Monday mornings; a day that reminds us that your boss still exists, your log-in password still works, and the dirty coffee pot in the staff kitchen will probably never see a clean spongue again. All items that were placed in a cubby on Friday and washed down with that first 5pm beer have now come wooshing back. I don’t need to explain more really, you have all seen Office Space. So, while you sit there, trying to make it through another Monday, here is something I made, to make it through as well. I give you: “goldfish sculpture on velvet chair” medium: polaroid . Hey, even if you hate it, at least you just got 4 minutes closer to closing time. Check each Monday for more!

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