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Why Todd Selby should photograph our place.

August 23rd, 2010 · 2 Comments

The Internets are all atwitter with news of CB2’s The Selby Is In Your Place contest, and, well, we’ve entered our apartment. The basic jist of the contest is to get as many votes as you can to advance to the second round of 50 contestants, at which point winners will be chosen. And the grand prize winner will get a $10,000 CB2 gift card and a photo session with Todd Selby!

So, we thought we’d gather evidence as to why our place is Selby worthy (and based on Refinery29’s guide “How To Get The Selby All Up In Your Place,” we think we have a fair shot).

1. Todd Selby loves artist’s residences. Ryan is an artist, and our apartment has an art studio!
2. Todd Selby loves collections. We collect 7-inch records, Kinder Egg Toys, and vintage electronics.
3. Todd Selby loves photographing cute couples. We’re a totally cute married couple!
4. Todd Selby loves stunning architectural features. Our apartment has stunning cathedral wood beam ceilings and 8-foot tall windows!
5. Todd Selby wrote a book! We have A TON of books.

So please, support us!

Take one minute. Click on this link (http://www.theselbycontest.com/entry/78018). Vote for our space.

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  • 1 Angelique // Jul 6, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    Erika, so glad you found my blog then. BTW, that is how we spell our daughters name. lol We don’t run into that spnllieg very often. Cool It is very difficult to get used to. They are there, then they aren’t. If they take OT then they can be gone for a few days. I am blessed that I work for myself and also cursed in this way as well. If he wants to run and play, then I have to be strong and work, or take off and play and then know I have to scramble for bills. LOL Both options are worth it though!The first two weeks of academy were very difficult. Then I got used to him being gone for 4-5 nights a week. Then it got all thrown off again because he graduated and was on days for a few weeks. OMG, that was a mess. I was used to all this time to myself and getting things done when I wanted to. But I of course loved having him home again. So many emotions. This is why I started the blog, so everyone knows they aren’t alone in their feelings. That you don’t have to have guilt for those feelings and that honestly, we just do the best we can TODAY. More than most professions, I think we all understand that we only have today. So make the best of what is thrown at you.I have found that I do much better if I set my schedule myself. I don’t rely on knowing if he’ll be off work, or if he’ll make it home to watch the kids. I make plans for most days for him not to be there. Having him be a volunteer previously helped with this I think. We didn’t have a ton of competent volunteers right before the departments merged and especially at certain times of the day. So if there was a call, he really did need to go on the calls. It taught me not to be selfish. But it also taught me to be selfish. If I need or want him to be home, I tell him so. Who doesn’t want to hear that they are wanted? lol

  • 2 Harris // Mar 5, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    Hi Amy,It’s not easy but it is totally do-able. I wish I could tell you some sceret formula but the only thing I worked out was to just be ready for constant change. Just as soon as you’re in a rhythym, something about the schedule will change. Childcare, his work, yours, etc.You may want to jump in and join us mid-stream as we are on Day 10 of the Love Dare.There are a lot of women hanging around here so please be sure you are signed up for the email list and watching the facebook page.Where do you live? We are going to meet face to face in a number of US locations on Sept. 11th.Thanks for stopping by!Lori