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May 11th, 2010 · 2 Comments

The inspiration from Amsterdam

When springtime hits, it’s inevitable that my mind starts dreaming of bicycles. Suddenly, I begin to notice all of the Dutch bicycles and cruisers on the street and envision myself on my morning commute looking like those gorgeous Amsterdamers who have mastered workday fashion atop a bicycle. If you’ve never been to Amsterdam, it’s worth visiting just to see these gorgeous specimens speeding around the city — in suits and dresses no less!

Here are some of my favorite cycles from Adeline Adeline (a cute female-centric bike shop that recently opened in Tribeca) and from Public (DWR founder Rob Forbes’ new company, aimed at bringing stylish city bike a la Dutch to us Americans).

Linus Dutchie 1 Speed Upright Bicycle from Adeline Adeline

PUBLIC D3, $850.00 from PUBLIC

Abici Granturismo Donna 1 Speed Italian Bicycle, $950 from Adeline Adeline

PUBLIC M8, $1,200.00

Abici Granturismo Uomo 1 Speed Italian Bicycle From Adeline Adeline

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