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the catwalk cats by grace coddington and didier malige.

January 25th, 2010 · 1 Comment

If you’ve seen The September Issue then certainly you’re familiar with Grace Coddington — that red-haired, wily Brit who unknowingly became the film’s protagonist. Remember she was opposed to retouching the camera guy’s robust belly and always tried to sneak in photos that a certain somebody removed? Surely you’ve fallen in love with her, too? And for a moment maybe you envisioned her name printed a top the masthead — Editor in Chief — and then briefly considered purchasing a yearly subscription as Vogue would finally publish content worth reading?

Sadly, she is not Vogue’s EIC. But maybe it’s better that way, because if she devoted her every moment to that fashion mag, she might become a perpetual wearer of sunglasses and wouldn’t produce witty side projects like The Catwalk Cats — a fantastic narrative of her and her husband’s 20 or so years spent loving and living with cats. Using Didier Malige’s photographs and Grace’s illustrations, the book tells the humorous tale of their lives through the eyes of their beloved cats; collections, cat fights, and all.

Available for around $22.00 from Amazon.com.

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