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a litl bit in love with you.

November 6th, 2009 · No Comments


Meet your newest obsession — litl. It’s an intuitive Webbook designed for Internet surfing, and it weighs just three pounds. You can use the litl in two ways — laptop mode (self-explanatory) or easel style, which gets a little more clever because instead of navigating with a trackpad or keyboard, you use a wheel (designed to simulate an old TV dial) or a remote to browse through content.

All of litl’s data is stored in the cloud — there’s no hard drive (part of the reason it’s so lightweight) — which means if you ever lose your litl or forget it at home, your data will still be safe and sound and accessible. And because it’s designed to be used all over your home, it also connects to your TV, so you can stream movies, video games, or whatever else your little heart desires — oh and that’s all in HD. See, what’d we tell you? Your newest obsession, right? litl_product_01

Order yours now.

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