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I don’t know about you, but when I hang artwork or photos, the less frame the better. Usually I end up buying clip frames because they’re cheap and offer a clean look — no frame at all, which is what makes fotoflōt so appealing.


Founded by Tom McAuliffe, Jurgen Reinold, and Jim Alef, fotoflōt creates a clean photo presentation that’s free of glare (because it doesn’t use glass) and easy to switch up. To hang a photo, secure the provided magnetic cups to your print, and then attach your print to the magnets on the mounted bracket. That’s it! When you tire of an image, just remove the magnets from your print, fasten them to a new photo, and hang again.

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This is one my favorite examples of fotoflōt in use because I too have an unsightly electrical box that is impossible to hide. A clever customer solved her problem by placing a fotoflōt-mounted photo over top of it. Brilliant!

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