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wanted: margiela ovine wedge sandals.

June 2nd, 2009 · 11 Comments

Last week while devouring my US Weekly in all of 45 minutes, my eyes fell upon some amazing heels worn by Kate Bosworth. Ordinarily I’m not one to track down celeb style, but these shoes haunted me, and so I spent the next day combing the Interwebs for any and all shoes that could possibly be the very ones on Ms. Bosworth’s feet. Of course, I surmised that Kate’s shoes were probably hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but if I could confirm the make, then I could find a reasonably priced alternative. After discovering the shoes were in fact Martin Margiela and that they cost $895, all signs pointed to finding a similar style.

Day 1 was a bust. I came across many shoes that were comparable to the Margiela’s but usually were attached to a high price tag or had some hideous flaw like a misplaced strap. But on Day 2, I awoke with rejuvenated determination and set out again to find those heels! I was about an hour into my search as the Web site for Nine West loaded and the shoes populated on the screen, there on my laptop appeared my almost dream shoes — I think I heard angels singing. And guess what!? They were on sale! Originally $79.00, these beauties were reduced to $59.99, with an extra 30%! The grand total? $41!


I was so excited about my find that I picked them up in store and wore them out that night to a show. They really look fantastic — almost exactly the same as Kate’s shoes. Plus, I feel like I solved a mystery. Which brings me to my next point, have you found something that you’re having trouble locating? If so, drop us a line, and we’d be happy to put our heads together and help you out!

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