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wtf fashionists of america?

July 21st, 2008 · No Comments

Oh, the savvy-celebrity trend that is branding oneself, what a cash cow. Today, on city streets around the world you probably walk by Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Lopez on a daily basis. OK, so you don’t actually walk by the starlets themselves, but you do brush past throngs of women who religiously wear their mass-priced garb in hopes of emulating their favorite fashion stars. Because you know, their obviously hard-up for cash, so why shouldn’t we — the working-class American public — support them?

In the past year alone there have been more celeb/retail collaborations than I care to count. And in a not so shocking twist of fate, Lindsay Lohan became the latest celeb to jump on the bandwagon (yes, insert your jeers about falling off that other wagon here). Shocker: Unlike her acting skills, she may have found her calling in leggings.


Intuition is stocking her contribution to the fashion world. And despite my gaffs at these collabs — they seem extremely half-assed, over-publicized, and one-off — apparently, people like what she’s dishing out. Ms. Lohan’s leggings (priced at a sweet $99-$200 dollars) are flying off the shelves and now have a waiting list!

And so I say, WTMF ladies? Why are you buying these overpriced sheaths? Have you heard of American Apparel or the Costume Dept.? Apparently not, because if you had, you would realize that for the price of one pair of 6126 (which is totally Lohan’s idol’s birthday — duh, Marilyn Monroe) leggings, you could sew a surplus of your own damn “Mr President’s” by quilting a pair of vollyball kneepads and stitching them to some black stretch pants your self (in turn possibly creating a nice little start-up venture). Get creative, and stop spending that hard-earned dough just to own “a piece of Hollywood.”

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  • 1 Paula Roegge // Jul 29, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    Does anyone else wonder what the addition of kneepads is for? I mean, I can imagine one use, but surely she wouldn’t be promoting THAT to tweens and teens, would she? Would she???

  • 2 thefunctionkey // Jul 29, 2008 at 8:08 pm

    she would and in fact has . . . possibly inspiring a generation of girls to follow in the steps of monica.