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Miniature Bakelite clocks.

June 11th, 2008 · No Comments

I, like many other vintage-loving people, adore Bakelite. The thermosetting plastic was created by Belgian physicist, Leo Baekeland and widely used in the 20th century to make radios, clocks, telephones, and jewelry. Unfortunately, due to cost and Bakelite’s brittle properties, it’s not used very much anymore — instead it’s become a highly collectible (and expensive) commodity.

miniature Bakelite clocks

Last year, while walking home through Beacon Hill, I stopped at a vintage jewelery store. It had an extensive collection of Bakelite jewelry, and it had Bakelite clocks. I fell in love with a yellow-mustard art-deco wind-up clock in the jewelers collection, but it was out of my price range.

While I left the clock in the Beacon Hill store, my obsession with Bakelite never ceased. And today, I discovered these great miniature Bakelite clocks handcrafted by The Twelfth Dimension, makers of miniature dollhouse accessories. The clocks aren’t as amazing as the one that stole my heart, but their miniature size definitely delights me.

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