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Vending machines with face recognition.

May 12th, 2008 · No Comments

In Japan there are more than 570, 000 cigarette vending machines responsible for doling out ciggies and adhering to the smoking age requirement of 20 years old. As you can imagine, machines are less than perfect at identifying a smoker’s age — a 2004 survey discovered that 17-18-year-old Japanese teenagers smoked every day.

Fear not you sticklers! Due to the new technology developed by Fujitaka Co., cigarette vending machines are set to have a face lift, er, a facial recognition lift that is. Just in time for legislation that requires vending machines to ensure the age of buyer’s, Fujitaka Co. has introduced an addition to the vending machines — a digital camera. Each camera, equipped with facial recognition technology, will snap the customer’s picture and quickly determine (based on bone structures, wrinkles, and skin sagging) if the smoker is of age to make the purchase.

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