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May 30th, 2008 · No Comments

When I first discovered these objects, I wasn’t quite sure what they were. Obviously they look like cd’s, but I found myself wondering, why on earth would anyone take the time to screenprint intricate designs on cd’s and sell them? I wondered if they contained music, a film, anything at all. Turns out, they don’t. They’re just blank cd’s that Chicago-based 5inch, individually screenprinted, so that you(?) could burn music or video, or anything at all onto them. I’m baffled.

I thought about the concept for a minute, would I buy them? They are pretty cool to look at, and I guess it’s an interesting, although totally unpractical concept. I suppose you could use them to burn mixed-discs for your friends . . . or something. Then I checked the price and quantity — 10 discs for 12.25 — and decided, I wouldn’t buy them but instead share their idealistic charm with you.

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